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Janus Platform at IPFSCamp

Quando / When:29-Jun-2019
Onde / Where:Barcelona, Spain

Site: IPFSCamp

Talk Janus Platform at IPFSCamp in Barcelona, Spain

Realmente foi o conceito de um “camp”, onde passamos 4 dias imersos no universo IPFS. Tivemos cursos apresentando o core do IPFS, diversos aspectos e utilizações como Infraestrutura e Identidade, além de discussão de tópicos com apresentação de posters, aprofundamento de aspectos do IPFS, projetos do ecossistema e áreas abertas para divulgação de trabalhos.

Na parte Unconf eu apresentei a Janus Plataform, ferramenta para publicação, indexação e busca para sites publicados em ambiente descentralizado - web3, desenvolvido pela 4cadia.

Janus Platform : Index and Search in web3

IPFS Site content

Hosted by : @solangegueiros


Some statistics

Over 1.94 billion websites online.
Over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.
Google is the world’s most visited website.

3–4 searches every single day per person.
30,000 Websites are hacked A DAY.
Cost of cybercrime damages will cost $6 trillion annually.
93% of data breaches happen within minutes.
83% aren’t discovered for weeks.

If the web was decentralized, that would be different.
That's why we are working on Janus Platform.
The Ethereum Blockchain system that allows users to register, store and explore the real 3.0 web.



After analyzing some similar technologies we found IPFS Documentation the most complete and trustable.


We were looking for a total decentralized and distributed technology as long as a trustable network with some applications already being used


In our experience, to integrate the project to IPFS was easy and viable as the Docs were very helpful

File Storage.

We managed to use IPFS as a File Storage for any kind of web application.

SPA Host

IPFS was used as a Web Server making it possible to distribute our DAPPs as well.

Janus Platform

We build a set of tools to help to build the decentralized web.

Indexer: JANUSNDXR and Janus web app

It is a easy way to publish and index your web site in the decentralized web.
We use a Ethereum Smart Contract to index the keywords present at index.html in website.


It is a Command Line Interface (CLI), for technical users, with some knowledge on development.
More types of apps and make the process of deploy fast and easy thru the terminal.

Janus web app

This is a DApp with a friendly interface making it easy to upload and index Web 3.0 content.

It is intuitive and communicate directly with the blockchain being needless to use command lines or technical blockchain knowledge.

Search: Janus Searcher

Here the users can explore the Web 3.0.
We made a platform validated by the most recent UX techniques to make our searcher intuitive and comfortable for the users.
You can enter keywords and find all pages related to it, as usual in most search interfaces now a days.

You can see a demonstration of Janus seach:

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