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Bitcoin smart contracts and DeFi with RSK, Money On Chain & Sovryn!

Talk, 16 June, 2021, Online, English

Made by Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech Meetup (Thessaloniki)

Dear Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency friends, please join our joint Thessaloniki & Athens online meetup dedicated to Bitcoin smart contracts & DeFI with RSK, Money On Chain and Sorvyn! MEETUP AGENDA: - Introduction to RSK, the Bitcoin smart contract platform, with Sol Gueiros, Blockchain developer, speaker and teacher - How RSK works with Sol Gueiros - Money On Chain, a self-contained DeFi protocol (a stablecoin, HODL token, leveraging mechanism, and more) which empowers Bitcoiners to improve performance of their assets while also retaining full control of their private keys. Presented and demonstrated by Manuel Ferrari, co-founder - Sovryn, the decentralized Bitcoin trading and lending platform. Presented by Ingamar Ramirez, Business Development



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