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Playtime won the Waves Bountie at Hackathon ETHBerlin Zwei

Hackathon, 25 August, 2019, , Language

Made by EthBerlin

Playtime at waves platform ethberlinzwei 2019 Bounties: Waves Platform Description My project at Hackaton EthBerlin 2019 A two user bet game using ride programming language at waves platform Inspiration To learn new things What it does It is a game for two players. One player wins when his bet is equal or greater than 2 times the other bet. How I built it I use Visual Studio Code. I did the scripts using ride programming language. I tested with surfboard. Challenges I ran into It was very difficult because the programming language is so diferent and I do no have much base on the concepts. Accomplishments that I'm proud of I almost gave up because I couldn't even change the basic example and didn't have dawn support. But I insisted and finished my idea. What I learned I learned ride programming language and the basic at waves platform. What's next I would like to do more tests and a frontend. Built With javascript ride waves wavesplatform